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B2KDA – Back in Europe

Hey there everyone. Another year, another European tour to be embarked on. Yes, we are back in Europe for a 5th consecutive year. It hardly seems believable after all the…

Tour Diary – The Wrap Up

Hey guys. As promised, I’m writing this in the newest EU member state, Republika Hrvatska or Croatia to everyone else. It is crazy hot, as usual, and it’s siesta time….

Tour Diary – Spreading Ourselves Thin

Hey guys. Are you prepared for another excuse as to why this blog has been so slow to come? I was re-reading some and realised I’ve apologised on pretty much…

Tour Diary – Stuck In The Middle With You

It’s been a little while since I last blogged. I apologise for being slow, but if you’ve been following this, you’ll know that the daily thing has gone right out…

Back to Antwerp

Hey guys. Amazingly, if I finish this blog today, everything will be up to date. Woohoo!!! That’s what you can achieve with a coupla days off in a beautiful city…

Tour Diary – Catching up in Koblenz

Hey everyone. As promised, I’m doing a wee catch up blog to get us from Mannheim up till the current date. I’ve lost track of the days now too so,…

New Single – ‘Can’t Give You’